Hyacinth’s house

This snug little house with its bright blue shutters belongs to a sociable fairy named Hyacinth.

Hyacinth's house
Hyacinth’s house

This stylish fairy loves to wear brightly colored dresses and fancy hats. She is also passionate about giving tea parties

where she serves apple tea, honey sandwiches, and apricot scones

to her friends.

A bashful dragon lives in a cave behind Hyacinth’s house.


He sleeps all day and only comes out at night

when he swoops over the checkerboard farmlands and

bountiful orchards of Golden Wood

in an eager search for his favorite food – wild watermelons.

Poppy’s house

This bright yellow house is the home of a lively red-headed fairy named Poppy.

Poppy's house
Poppy’s house

Because she is an awesome gardener, the other fairies say Poppy has a green thumb.

Every year when Spring arrives in the Fairy Realm,

Poppy sprinkles wildflower seeds in the meadow,

and sends dandelion seeds wafting over the grass.