Spring Disaster (Part Two)

For a moment Poppy just stood and stared, trying to take in the scene before her. Six empty bins sat on a long table. There was nothing else in the room. One question kept shouting out in her mind.

     What happened to my wildflower seeds? 

She began to dart around the room like a hungry hummingbird. From one corner to another she flew. She circled all around the empty bins and then dove under the table. There wasn’t so much as a single seed anywhere.

How could all those seeds just disappear?

She landed and stood staring at her feet. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would steal her seeds. After a moment she noticed the floor was covered with marks. They weren’t footprints, she kept the shed too clean for any dust to collect. They were scuff marks and they were all over. She examined them carefully and decided they were made by something much bigger than she was. But she had no idea what sort of creature  it might be.

     Some kind of rodent perhaps?

There were endless possibilities. Every creature in the Fairy Realm knew Poppy scattered wildflower seeds in the meadow.





She stepped outside and began to walk along the branch. When she reached the tree trunk, she moved to the branch below, and then the one below that, as she searched and searched for clues. When at last she found herself on the ground, she started walking in circles around the tree. Gradually she moved farther and farther away. Just as she decided to make one last round, she heard a sound.







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